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Guess what all my beautiful babes. I got myself a fringe! A proper, just above my eye-line, fringe! For so long I have been told that fringes are a NO-NO (apart from the long side-swepped one). HOWEVER after doing a bit of research and chatting with my new(ish) stylist (who is amazing!) we worked out a fringe that is short enough to be distinctive and cute, but not so harsh that it clashed with my face shape. And it worked! So, in honour of this, I have decided to do a blog devoted to working a fringe on round faces! (For the sake of all my American friends, a fringe=bangs)

I love this one that Kirsten is sporting. What the hairdresser has done is made a centre part, then taken a triangle section at the front and shaped it into a sweeping fringe. The great thing about it is that it works for hair that is not totally straight – so if you have a few waves in your locks do not despair! The one bad thing about this one is that the layers round the face grow out very quickly – if you don’t keep it regularly maintained your once sexy fringe will melt in with the rest of your hair. Mandy Moore has a very similar cut, except with hers it is short enough that she can wear it straight down.

Continuing on with the Side-Swepped look, we have Cameron Diaz and Hayden Panetiere! This fringe (yes, it is there, I promise), is what I mentioned earlier – the reliable, trusty fall-back fringe for round faces. If this is your first forage into the world of fringes, then go for this one. It is almost guaranteed to look amazing, and best of all if you hate it, it is that long that it won’t take long to grow out!

Time for Christina Ricci! Now, I wanted to put up some comparison photos, because I you wouldn’t believe she had a round face from looking at the photos of her with bangs! Obviously she has a gorgeous face to begin with, but the blunt fringe pulls the roundness of her face into a cute pixie look.

Good Kelly…and bad Kelly…

And one last Kelly (of the Osbourne variety this time). This cut is such an improvement on her previous eye-level bobs! And I think the fringe is just gorgeous.

Well, that is my quick dip into the world of bangs and fringes for round faces! If you have any suggestions, or know of any list-worth fringes, let me know! Oh, and for the record my new fringe is very much like Miss Mandy Moore’s. Love it!

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Hello there lovelies!

It is SO important to get the basics right! When it comes to hairstyles for round faces, there are a few things to keep in mind when styling.


A side part with a sweeping fringe is the traditional recommendation for round faces. I must admit, it is my favourite part too – it is so feminine and it adds more dimension to the face with the different angles

A centre part can work well – it creates a balance between the roundness of the cheeks and the hairline. However I haven’t seen this look actually done well often – the layers in the hair need to be just right, and the hair needs to be the right length.


Side swept, longer bangs is the standard advice given to round faces, as they add dimension as well as flattering the face shape.

Round faces have always been warned off the straight bangs. However these need not be totally off limits – they just need to be a bit choppy at the ends, finishing just before they hit your eyes, and not too full. Alternatively, think of Audrey Hepburn, with her very short fringe. Remember that hers was also quite choppy, and not a straight line.


Texturising and layering, slimming down hair round the face looks great – it reduces bulkiness around the face, allowing the face shape to shine!

Long layers are the perfect compliment – so sweeping and feminine!


A really great style is one that is a little shorter at the back and a little longer at the front, hitting between the chin and the shoulder. This is a sexy, edgy look, with a great contrast between the face shape and hairline.

One thing to avoid with short hair is rounded bobs sitting at chin level – youa re not doing yourself justice with this hairstyle! Try growing it out a little to have it sitting a little lower, and getting the sides trimmed so there is less roundedness.


Loose, sweeping curls are hot! Avoid tight ringlets round the face – these just add bulk.

Keep them full around shoulder height and lower, and loose the bulk around the cheeks and you will have one sexy head!


If you have a round face and straight hair, I bet you have despaired at times, as straight hair has often been told it is ‘too severe’ for round faces. Well, again I disagree – you can certainly make straight hair work for you! Adding layers, shifting the part and going for asymmetric styles is where its at! Because round faces by nature very symmetrical in shape from all angles, they are complimented by asymmetric styles, regardless of whether they are curly or straight.

In an up-do

Have the hair fuller at the crown, and close to the head around the ear and cheek level. This balances the hair and face shape nicely! Think quiffs! Conversely, avoid volume at the sides – this will not do your face justice!

For something more casual, if you have a couple of waves in your hair, tie it in a loose, slightly tossled, low side bun. This is SUCH a sexy look – the loose waves create a gentle look, and the low bun gives a nice balance!

To make this style a little more striking, get a couple of bobby-pins and loosely pin the top half of your hair in the middle at the back, pushing the bobby’s upward to add height. Then grab the rest and make the same bun.


P.S. Coming up next post is a look at some round faced celebrities hair-do’s (and donts!). Think Drew Barrymore, Geena Davis, Fergie, Kate Bosworth, Christina Ricci, Kelly Osbourne and more!

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Most people bemoan the fact that they have a round face. This is because it is traditionally (and wrongly!) synonymous with being overweight. In reality, weight gain will only make the face shape a fuller oval, heart, diamond or whatever you shape is – not turn you into a round face.

The first step is to actually check that you ARE round faced. This is done by looking at your bone structure, as this is the most important factor determining face shape! Look at your jaw line. Is it rounded? How about your cheeks – are they the widest part of your face? Is the width of your face almost the same length as the height of your face? Keep in mind that big, round eyes also add to the perception of roundness.

I bet you didn’t know that Audrey Hepburn had a round face!

Audrey Hepburn looking stunning with a round face

P.S. Keep an eye out – coming up will be a bunch of tips for getting your base hairstyle, as well as a look at some round faced celebrity hairstyles!

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Hey all you Round Faced Divas!

If you go to any other site on round faces, it is most likely that they will offer tips for offsetting the roundness of the face, tell you to avoid fringes and short hairstyles, and generally make you want to hide and disguise your face shape.

Well no more!

Round faces have the potential to be the softest, sexiest, feminine faces. Think big eyes, soft lips and cheeks, and sexy hair! Here at the Hairstyles for Round Faces Blog we show you how to compliment your face shape, not disguise it!

Join us as we go on a search to find the styles and shapes to suit your round face and uncover celebrity and hairstyling secrets for round faces!


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